Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dreaming the dream

Luke Skywalker, he didn't really need those power-converters after all.

Pretty busy week...

But I actually thought of something to talk about other than just posting a bunch of
cool random stuff, although I plan to do that from time to time as well.

I was thinking about how damn lucky I am to work at Lucasfilm Animation and at Big Rock Ranch it's really more than a dream come true and honestly I never even really considered Lucasfilm as a remote possibility for employment.

A friend of mine just recently came up to the Ranch for a visit and said something to me that really stood out, she said working for George Lucas seems "unattainable". That really got me to thinking about how I felt while I was going to school for animation, while in school it dawned on me that there's not too many people in this world who actually get to do what they dream of doing. I know plenty of people way more talented and driven than I am who wanted to work in the animation industry but never made it.

The best advice I can give to anyone who has a desire to work in really just keep at it. Although there may be times where you end up working a long line of crap jobs there's always something to be learned along the way, even if it's just perseverance. Bottom line is if you give up you'll never come across that opportunity that you've been waiting for.

I'm inspired by stories that I can relate to, stories about personal trials and hardships seem to be easy to find in just about any story. The story of Luke Skywalker leaving behind everything he knew to become a Jedi is just my all-time-favorite hands down, I thought the image of Luke looking out into the horizon was a nice reminder of that.


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_Shane said...

That certainly is a dream job and you certainly deserve it. I look forward to possibly attaining my dream job some day.