Sunday, March 30, 2008

Get your Comic-Con on

The Empires best representing at the Con

Comic-Con 2008...
It's right around the corner, if you've never been and you love pop-culture you really need to make the trek.

As for those of you who attend yearly and haven't gotten around to it...Pro-Registration has been posted. You should have gotten a letter around the beginning of March with your username and password, if you work in the animation industry or a semi-related professional field you really should sign up for the Pro-Registration. Once you go Pro you'll never need to go back, it's basically a free 4 day Comic-Con pass for you and one lucky guest.

Although I've been attending Comic-Con for the last 8 years I'm on the fence about it this year, it's a tough sell being so far north, maybe that makes it more of an adventure. I had the opportunity to check out Wonder-Con last February and although it was cool to see San Fransisco's geeks unite it certainly wasn't the
San Diego Comic-Con.

Hope to see you there!



_Shane said...

I sent in my Pro-Registration this week! This will be my first time going as a "professional"... Hope to see you there.

HeatherHop said...

You know you want to go! Norwood and I have pro badges, because he works at High Moon Studios. I'm looking forward to nerding it up with you this year so I better see you there!