Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Batman Gotham Knight


This sounds like a cool idea, I hope they pull it off because they already have my money.

More to come.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Director J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams is currently one of my favorite directors/creative types in the industry, after watching Cloverfield last night I watched a video that I had seen posted on a site that I had no knowledge about called TED, it looks to be an amazing organization. Their mission is to spread ideas, not a bad mission to have.

J.J. gave a talk on what he called the "Mystery Box". Well worth a watch and you can also download by clicking here HD version. It's a great creative recharge, you can tell that J.J. is trying to cram alot into a short amount of time but he shares some great stuff...and wouldn't you know it...he references Star Wars!

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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Man what a cool movie
, way entertaining and still holds up watching it at home. When I first watched Cloverfield at the local theater I was just happy that I didn't barf but I still couldn't help but think how exciting (and rare) it was to be entertained at a movie again. I don't know, maybe it had just been awhile since something cool came along that didn't really suck?

I just picked up the dvd and can already tell that I'm going to regret not waiting for the special edition, not to ruin the fun but don't miss this like I did in the theater...make sure to watch the end credits (and listen to the amazing movie theme by Michael Giacchino)...when you see the last film logos running up the screen crank up your tvs volume as loud as you can for a nice little treat.

As well here are a couple cool variations on the movie posters that were released (or maybe not?). Can't say that I ever saw any of them other than the iconic Statue of Liberty one.

More to come.


Monday, April 21, 2008

The Clone Wars teaser trailer

In all honestly when I spotted the Clone Wars sneak peak about two years ago I was a skeptic. At first glance I thought it had some what of a video game quality about it. The designs seemed considerably different than that of Paul Rudish and Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars which I like most nerds am a BIG fan of. Although the new Clone Wars would be in 3D I had no idea what I was in store for.

Soon after thinking that I ran into Justin Ridge at Comic-Con he's a really great guy and at that time he was Assistant Director on the show, when I asked him how the show was coming along he said "Were trying to make it look as much as 2D as we can while still doing it in 3D".

ast forward to the present...I've been consistently amazed at the development of the show. All it takes is a stroll over to Star Wars dot com for a behind the scene look at some of the amazingly talented people they have on the show. One of my favorite video spots shows the sculptor who solidified the designs that were later transformed into the 3D models.

he 3D designs really look great, I think they've been able to take some of the influence from the 2D designs and make them look cool in 3D. The textures on this show are very unique as well and for a 3D show I think the art direction is amazing, I really dig the painterly quality of the show. If you look at the teaser trailer you can really see how different this is from any 3D show on tv.

s for the animation and the story, it's really hard to judge based on the teaser...however everyone will just take a look at your local animation pub Cartoon Brew.

All I can say is in the past four months I've seen some really kick ass stuff and animation that goes above and beyond what television animation is usually capable of, I think that the fans are in for a real treat once the show gets rolling.

More to come.


Star Wars Artist: Terese Nielsen

Star Wars...

I've been wanting to post a few new finds to the wacky-world of Star Wars. Although I had no intentions for this blog to become a Star Wars blog it certainly has the look of one so I guess to a certain degree it will be...I just can't help but share some of what I've come a cross. So I hope that who ever reads this blog will enjoy these posts as much as I enjoyed finding them!

A few weeks ago I was at the local comic book shop and noticed some really cool art work on these boxes for a new Star Wars game called "Star Wars Legacy Miniatures" anyways, the box had a really great painting of Luke in an outfit that I really didn't recognize but the likeness of his character was spot-on. The following week I asked a co-worker if he was familiar with the artist...and he did!

So I would like to introduce Terese Nielsen, her blog is really cool (click on her name for a link) and she has some great examples and tips as to how she approaches her work. As well she talks about the Art Direction and the feedback she gets on her pieces as she develops and finalizes her paintings. Something else she does that I thought was way cool is she posts her photo reference and in one instance she posted a pose she did for reference.

Very cool of her to share her talents and experience and definitely worth your time to check out!

More to come.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hyperspace Membership

For the FANS...

So I guess I'm officially a big-time-nerd...I just signed up for the Hyperspace Membership I was looking over the Star Wars site and noticed they have an "Hyperspace Exclusive" about Ahsoka...and even though I get to see this stuff all day long...I couldn't help myself, I joined!!

As a perk to you I've posted the screen savers that seem to now be exclusives.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Force Unleashed

Cool things to look forward to...
It's been busy at Big Rock the past week and I'm getting ready for round two with the coming week.

I feel that I'm pretty much into full swing now with how the production pipe-line works on the show. Getting hired to work on the Clone Wars was a real reminder of what a star-wars-nerd I am. Immediately I found myself sucked back into a galaxy far far away, I can honestly say that I've never been more excited about Star Wars than I am now.

With that being said I've been checking out what the other branches of Lucasfilm are up to and it looks like LucasArts is putting some pretty cool stuff together. The Force Unleashed is the game that may make me a believer in the price tag for a PS3. Take a look at some of the concept work that's floating around as well as their newly re-designed web site...the concept work alone is enough to grab my attention let alone the cool effects they're showing off.

Also be sure to check out the cool renders of the main characters over at Star Wars dot com.