Monday, April 21, 2008

The Clone Wars teaser trailer

In all honestly when I spotted the Clone Wars sneak peak about two years ago I was a skeptic. At first glance I thought it had some what of a video game quality about it. The designs seemed considerably different than that of Paul Rudish and Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars which I like most nerds am a BIG fan of. Although the new Clone Wars would be in 3D I had no idea what I was in store for.

Soon after thinking that I ran into Justin Ridge at Comic-Con he's a really great guy and at that time he was Assistant Director on the show, when I asked him how the show was coming along he said "Were trying to make it look as much as 2D as we can while still doing it in 3D".

ast forward to the present...I've been consistently amazed at the development of the show. All it takes is a stroll over to Star Wars dot com for a behind the scene look at some of the amazingly talented people they have on the show. One of my favorite video spots shows the sculptor who solidified the designs that were later transformed into the 3D models.

he 3D designs really look great, I think they've been able to take some of the influence from the 2D designs and make them look cool in 3D. The textures on this show are very unique as well and for a 3D show I think the art direction is amazing, I really dig the painterly quality of the show. If you look at the teaser trailer you can really see how different this is from any 3D show on tv.

s for the animation and the story, it's really hard to judge based on the teaser...however everyone will just take a look at your local animation pub Cartoon Brew.

All I can say is in the past four months I've seen some really kick ass stuff and animation that goes above and beyond what television animation is usually capable of, I think that the fans are in for a real treat once the show gets rolling.

More to come.


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