Monday, April 21, 2008

Star Wars Artist: Terese Nielsen

Star Wars...

I've been wanting to post a few new finds to the wacky-world of Star Wars. Although I had no intentions for this blog to become a Star Wars blog it certainly has the look of one so I guess to a certain degree it will be...I just can't help but share some of what I've come a cross. So I hope that who ever reads this blog will enjoy these posts as much as I enjoyed finding them!

A few weeks ago I was at the local comic book shop and noticed some really cool art work on these boxes for a new Star Wars game called "Star Wars Legacy Miniatures" anyways, the box had a really great painting of Luke in an outfit that I really didn't recognize but the likeness of his character was spot-on. The following week I asked a co-worker if he was familiar with the artist...and he did!

So I would like to introduce Terese Nielsen, her blog is really cool (click on her name for a link) and she has some great examples and tips as to how she approaches her work. As well she talks about the Art Direction and the feedback she gets on her pieces as she develops and finalizes her paintings. Something else she does that I thought was way cool is she posts her photo reference and in one instance she posted a pose she did for reference.

Very cool of her to share her talents and experience and definitely worth your time to check out!

More to come.


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