Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Force Unleashed

Cool things to look forward to...
It's been busy at Big Rock the past week and I'm getting ready for round two with the coming week.

I feel that I'm pretty much into full swing now with how the production pipe-line works on the show. Getting hired to work on the Clone Wars was a real reminder of what a star-wars-nerd I am. Immediately I found myself sucked back into a galaxy far far away, I can honestly say that I've never been more excited about Star Wars than I am now.

With that being said I've been checking out what the other branches of Lucasfilm are up to and it looks like LucasArts is putting some pretty cool stuff together. The Force Unleashed is the game that may make me a believer in the price tag for a PS3. Take a look at some of the concept work that's floating around as well as their newly re-designed web site...the concept work alone is enough to grab my attention let alone the cool effects they're showing off.

Also be sure to check out the cool renders of the main characters over at Star Wars dot com.




_Shane said...

Looks awesome man! This may end up being my first PS3 game.

Antelmo Villarreal said...

You are updating you blog :)

Will read it soon :)

Tacita said...

Well written article.